Top 20 profitable agri business ideas

Some agriculture businesses require low investments, while others may require large or medium-sized investment. It is possible to start a business in agriculture and make a good income. We will be discussing top 12 small agriculture business ideas that you can start in India within next year with low investment.

Rural and sub-rural people of the country rely on agriculture for their livelihood. This sector was dependent on the climate to flourish, but technology and science have made this sector a lot more modern. Agriculture is also a vast field that includes forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. Agriculture is a lucrative and challenging business that requires passion and dedication.

Top 20 Farming Business Ideas to Start a small Business

Below is a list of 12 ideas for business in agriculture. You can choose the best business idea to make a small but handsome income.

) Tree farm

Tree Farming Business

Tree farm is a business that grows trees and makes money selling them. This business requires a long time to make money. This is a great idea for a small farm business. You might have to pay some maintenance.

) Organic fertilizer production

The production of vermicompost, or organic fertilizer, has become a household enterprise. It doesn’t require a lot of investment and is very simple to start with some knowledge about the production process.

) Distribution of fertilizers

This business is ideal for rural and small-town residents. This business requires you to purchase fertilizers from large cities and make them accessible in rural areas. This is a great idea for small-scale agriculture businesses in India.

) Dry flower business

Over the past 10 years, dry flower business has grown in popularity. You can grow flowers on vacant land and dry them to sell to hobbyists or craft shops.

) Mushroom farming

Growing mushrooms can bring in big profits quickly. You can start it with a low investment and require less space. Mushrooms are highly sought after in restaurants, hotels, and homes.

) Poultry farming

The technology-commercialization of poultry farming has made it a highly profitable business. It has been one of the fastest growing industries in the past few decades. This could be the best option for you if you’re looking for small farm income options.

) Hydroponic retail shop

Hydroponics, a new technology for plant cultivation that doesn’t require soil, is an alternative to traditional methods of growing plants. Hydroponic retail stores sell hydroponic equipment, and develop plants for home and commercial use.

) Organic greenhouse

Because organically-grown products are in high demand, an organic greenhouse business can grow. This business used to be run on small farms. However, there is increasing demand for organic greenhouses as more people buy land.

) Export of fruit and vegetables

Export Fruit and Vegetables Business

Exporting fruits and vegetables is possible. You will need to get fresh produce from local farmers in order to sell them overseas. This business requires knowledge of the local markets and import and export policies. This is one of your best options for starting a business in agriculture export.

) Dairy business

Demand for milk and milk products is always high. The dairy business is India’s most profitable agribusiness. You will need to invest a lot of capital and get some help from experts in the field. It can be very profitable if you are passionate about it.

) Fertilizer Distribution Business

People living in rural or small towns can easily run this business. You will need to have a plan for fertilizer distribution.

) Become an florist

Flowers are a highly profitable retail business. For weddings and gifting, bouquets and flower arrangements are in high demand. You can be creative and innovative. This business can be a great place to work.

) Broom production

The broom has been used to sweep up dirt and dust from floors and in the vicinity of homes and workplaces for centuries. Broom production is simple, and it can be started with a low capital investment. You can make good profits by maintaining high quality and offering competitive prices.

) Groundnut processing

You can start this business with modest capital if you are able to procure high quality groundnuts. Groundnuts processed for their nuts have a huge market potential around the globe.

Profitable Business Idea

) Quail farming

Quail farming involves raising quails to produce profitable eggs and meat. Quail farming is growing in importance at the global level as it meets daily nutritional needs of families.

) Tea plantation

This business is booming because of the growing demand for tea leaves. Tea plants require acidic soil and heavy rain, but they can be grown anywhere from low to high elevations. If your situation is favorable for tea growing, this business may be right for you. This is a good idea for an Indian agriculture business that does not require a lot of capital.

) Hydroponic Retail Shop

Hydroponics technology is rapidly growing in popularity. Hydroponics systems allow plants and crops to be grown without the need for soil. You can sell multiple hydroponics equipment from one location.

)Growing medicinal herbs

One of the most lucrative agriculture business ideas is to grow medicinal herbs commercially. You can start farming medicinal herbs if you have the necessary land and knowledge. In order to start a medicinal herb business, you may need to obtain certain licenses from the local government.

) Beekeeping

Honey is becoming more popular as people become more aware of the benefits it has for their health. Beekeeping is a lucrative business opportunity. The beekeeping business requires constant monitoring and close supervision.

) Grocery shopping portal

People find it extremely wasteful to spend hours shopping for groceries every day, thanks to technology and E-Commerce. People would rather have groceries delivered to their homes. Start an E-shopping portal to become an entrepreneur.